Croad Langshans

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Croad Langshans

Post by Ex Moderator » 12 Dec 2005, 00:00

This thread is for Croad Langshans.



Post by Boxerchic » 12 Dec 2005, 22:27

The Croad Langshan Breed

The Croad Langshan is a heavy soft feather breed. They originate from Langshan in China and were imported by Major F T Croad in February 1872.

It was Major Croad’s niece, Miss A C Croad, who fought hard to establish the breed in this country.

They are well known for the “U”- shape that they display in profile where the tail feathers of both male and female birds reach the same height as the head.

The birds are available in Large Black and Large White, Bantam Black and Bantam white.

They have dense gloss black or all white plumage with a beetle green sheen on the black and feathering on the leg and outside toe. Soles of the feet are pink and they have white toe nails.

The perfect utility breed they produce 150 large plum coloured eggs per year and make good eating with white skin and dense white meat.

They are long lived and 10 years old is not unusual though egg production declines dramatically after 6 years.

Extract from the Croad Langshan Breed Book


The Croad Langshan Club

Post by Boxerchic » 12 Dec 2005, 22:28

Croad Langshan Club

Secretary ~ R (Jake) Jacobs

South Terrace
9 South Mere
OX18 3PX
Telephone 01993 840 197


From - The Poultry Club Yearbook 2005

Post by Boxerchic » 12 Dec 2005, 22:30

From the Poultry Club Year Book 2005 ~

For anyone unfamiliar with this thoroughbred of a heavy breed, they are available in self black and self white in both large fowl and bantams and lay a plum coloured egg.

For anyone wishing to keep a straightforward breed with none of the problems of double mating or separate cock and pullet breeding strains you need look no further than the Croad Langshan.

Show winning cocks and hens are all bred from the same pairs and top birds of both sexes are often reared from the same clutch of eggs.

The plum egg colour whilst good in the large Croad is still in need of improvement in most bantam strains. If anyone is looking for a worthwhile challenge the Croad Langshan bantam egg colour development could be for them.

The aim of the club is to keep the breed pure, and retain the utility qualities which made the breed so desirable in the past. Unfortunately, it is just these qualities that make the Croad a victim of its own success when it comes to the show pen as the majority of Croad members are drawn to the breed mainly because it is a perfect utility pure breed. This is a great shame as the Croad makes a magnificent show bird and needs very little preparation, furthermore always stands bold and proud in the show pen.

The Club currently stands at approximately 75 members. The annual subscription for 2005 is still only £5.00 per person and £2.50 for juniors.

At our 2004 AGM we proudly unveiled our new Croad Langshan Breed Book printed in full colour. It has been created with beginners and established breeders in mind. It includes much useful information on all aspects of breeding and keeping Croad Langshans.

The breed book is available at a cost of £10.00 to fully paid up members or £15.00 to non members. For those interested in obtaining a copy telephone Lyn Heigl on 01428 602 992

Club Secretary — Jake Jacobs.


Some of my own Croads - Large Black

Post by Boxerchic » 12 Dec 2005, 22:43


Wallace Junior - This years bird


A younger male showing good U shape


This pullet has just turned her head away as I took the pic


Well hopefully you get the idea of the shape. I'll try to get better pics of a pullet.
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Croad Langshan Egg Colour

Post by Boxerchic » 12 Dec 2005, 23:19


Not a fantastic pic but you can see the pink/plum tones on the top egg which is the Croad egg. The egg has a coating over a brown base shell and varies a lot from day to day, bird to bird. The eggs are quite large though. I'll try to get better pics in the spring when the birds are laying more regularly.
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Post by nigel » 13 Dec 2005, 21:18

those are great birds :)
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Post by Boxerchic » 14 Dec 2005, 00:12

Thank you :P

Shame that the National and Federations shows were cancelled. I was going to go to the Federation and they are just coming into condition. Ho hum, perhaps next year :wink:


Post by Fenn » 08 Jul 2006, 11:34

Quick question - is it possible to get hold of CL bantam hatching eggs? I've seen ads for LF, but never banties :?


Post by mikek » 10 Nov 2006, 10:32

For the record, secretary is now Lyn Heigl, Stillwaters,
Thursley Road, Churt, Farnham, GU10 2LQ

Lyn and I are developing the club website - one page at a time - and comments and suggestions will be welcome.

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Post by CP » 10 Nov 2006, 11:30

Not far from me then, but I don't have any of this breed.
It says the bantam version doesn't lay the correct colour egg. Is this something that's being looked into?
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Post by mojo » 10 Nov 2006, 11:56

the colour is not that important ..will it fit my eggcup
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Post by Henwife » 10 Nov 2006, 18:40

If you want a breed for the colour egg it lays rather than any other reason, it does matter. I'm tempted to hatch some LF for that reason alone.
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Post by Clucky » 10 Nov 2006, 19:34

They are room for either now with ones growing here but definitely one for the unending wish list

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Post by Henwife » 10 Nov 2006, 22:17

Pimlotts Poultry have CL bantams.
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