Opening and closing vent

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Opening and closing vent

Post by Pauline19 » 13 Aug 2015, 20:00

Hi we have a 2 year old chicken who has been poorly about a week. The symptoms keep changing so it's been hard to get advice as we have been told so many different things.

Initially she laid shellless eggs so we separated her and gave extra Oyster shell.

She appeared to have more white poop.

She lost back end feathers so we treated for lice

She also looked like the back end was maybe protruding so used heameroid cream

Since yesterday I had a look at her and she is straining her vent and off her food. Her rear end feathers are a mess - all dirty/lots of bare patches now. Main symptoms now are off food and straining vent. Not laid for 3/4 days

I think we will take to vet tomorrow but it is not a poultry vet.

Any ideas?


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Re: Opening and closing vent

Post by Fast Farmer » 14 Aug 2015, 02:11

Afraid there is nothing in your description to persuade me of any alternative but to cull at the earliest opportunity, if there is any protusion of her back her age, the likelihood of her dying in the near future is extremely high. Vets have one mission in life which is to make a sale on every consultation, if your chook has a rear protusion she will doubt, dont waste your money. Sorry.

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Re: Opening and closing vent

Post by Henwife » 14 Aug 2015, 07:32

Over many years of poultry keeping I learned that if a hen hasn't recovered within 48 hours (tops) then to cull is ythe kindest option. It's not something anybody enjoys doing, but certainly something every poultry keeper should be able to do (on the grounds of economy if nothing else).
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Re: Opening and closing vent

Post by CP » 14 Aug 2015, 11:24

Good advice, even if it's not really what you want to hear. :(

We spent quite a few pounds at the vets in our early years of poultry keeping. We don't tend to go now as we've learnt that chickens do not make the best patients & their recovery rate is not usually good, bearing in mind that most of them hide their symptoms as long as they can so once we notice, they're well into the sickness/disease/whatever.

We also rule out the 'usual suspects':

Treat for lice/mites.
Use a respiratory treatment for any breathing problems.
Treat for worms.
Warm bath & TLC for laying problems & dirty rear end.
Treatment for any crop problems.

Sounds like your girl has laying problems with possibly a stuck egg. This can account for the messy back end & straining to lay. (though worms can also make back end messy).

As you may have already visited the vet, all this may be too late & also the fact that she's been poorly for a week already. Hopefully the vet may know what to do without fleecing you when it's probably a hopeless cause. :(

Good luck. ;)
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