Silkie keeps losing toes vet wants to test for salmonella?

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Silkie keeps losing toes vet wants to test for salmonella?

Post by Franknskaven » 11 Mar 2014, 19:27

Hi , im new to the forum.
We have two lovrly silkies frank & the skaven both females, did have a third pat but she died last year believe she was quite old.
The problem I have at the moment is that Frank has lost the nail on one of her toes now part of the toe is hanging off this happened to another one of her toes on same foot in november. The vet treated him with antibiotics and although she is missing part of toe it healed o.k. So this week same thing has happened again to another toe and there was a lot of blood in coop where she had been roosting. I decided to try another vet to see if they may know whats the cause. The vet said she was healthy apart from toe problem, so he gave me some cat painkillers ! and antibiotics. But he then said he wanted to test her stools for SALMENELLA ! he said that pigeons often lose there toes through salmonella and as the chickens are free range they could of picked it up.
I have sesrched on google and so far I haven't found anything that suggests chickens can lose toes through salmonella or even pigeons. The vet is saying this stool sample needs to be done as its a potential health hazard but its goingbto cost £60.
As I cant find anything relating to salmonella and missing toes/foot infections I reluctant to get them tested. So I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this . Also im not able to give frank her antibiotics until the stool sample has been collected over 3 days. Also was wondering about the cat pain killers. :scratch: The vet was supposed to specialise in chickens
Look forward for any replies

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Re: Silkie keeps losing toes vet wants to test for salmonell

Post by laffinfowl » 11 Mar 2014, 22:49

Hi and welcome,if i did keep silkies which i don't and never will,but if i did and had your predicament i think just have cleaned up the area of the lost claw with some antibacterial wash,dried it and given it a blast of purple spray(gentian violet is what it was originally called)or something similar and that has always done the job for me as regards any bird that pulled a claw or broke one. I have had a few birds that this has happened to and they are still hale and hearty to this day.
Because of my aversion(and it was an expensively aquired one) to vets extracting extortionate fees from people who have problems with poultry i soon came to the conclusion that if i could,nt treat and cure it myself then unfortunately it was a case of culling the bird.
Now i know that will not go down to well with people who keep birds for different reasons than mine but i'm glad to say that the number of birds i've had to cull because of my reasoning is very small and i've had some very good successful outcomes that i,m sure if they had been taken to a vet would have had a very different and resulted in me being left a lot lighter in the pocket into the bargain.
I have never heard of any bird losing a claw through being infected with Salmonella but thats not to say that it does'nt or can't happen,however i do think you're vet might be extracting the urine but would'nt mind being proven wrong.

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Re: Silkie keeps losing toes vet wants to test for salmonell

Post by Henwife » 12 Mar 2014, 08:36

Pigeons have a different type of salmonella from poultry, so whilst the vet might be correct with pigeon salmonella, I don't think I'd worry about your hen. Any chicken with salmonella is likely to be an obviouly sick bird, and carriers can be detected with a blood test. Just be sure to keep the foot spotlessly clean until it has healed. I think your first vet was on the right track, using antibiotics.
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Re: Silkie keeps losing toes vet wants to test for salmonell

Post by jillychick » 12 Mar 2014, 10:33

I had a hen cut her toe a couple of weeks ago, don't know how she did it? But the amount of blood she lost was alarming. I put pressure on it using kitchen towel to stop the bleeding, washed the whole foot with disinfectant, sprayed with purple spray and confined her to the shed on clean shavings. There was still some blood on the perch next day but seemed to have stopped bleeding profusely. Off she went with the rest of the hens. Continued to apply the purple spray for a few days the result a perfectly happy healthy hen.

My first reaction was OMG I need the vet but common sense kicked in I'm just wondering now how much it would have cost? Laffinfowl I totally agree with you

Ps laffinfowl the like buttons have gone walk about again take it as given :thumbright:
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