Poorly pullet

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Poorly pullet

Postby Wiggins » 16 Aug 2012, 15:53

HI everyone I am new to the site and could do with a bit of advice from experienced chicken keepers. TWo weeks ago my husband and I got 4 Faveroles within a few days two of the four died, nothing looked wrong with them but when we checked in the morning they were dead. NOw one of the remaining two is looking really sick, she has been eating and drinking ok but has one red swollen up eye has been sneezing and has been quite listless not moving around very much bu she does have sudden bursts of activity. I have been letting her roam around garden and she seems to perk up and even managed to catch a fly! My husband has injected her a couple of times with Tylan and she seemed ok within an hour or two. my dilemma is should we cull her to stop any suffering or do you think she may improve and get better?
Any advice would be great.
MAny thanks
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