Poultry Lice

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Poultry Lice

Postby ducklady » 03 Jul 2012, 22:08

Hi there, I have 3 indian runner ducks - 1 of which has sat on her eggs for 2 months now! I recently noticed that she had something looking similar to a headlouse (3 kids - I really do know what they look like!) only a little bit longer. Me and the father-in-law doused the ducks with powder - it was really stressful for them and my father-in-law was covered in duck poop and I ended up with it in my mouth, not an experience I want to repeat!
I have heard of an oral lice medication that I can put in their water but can't find it in the UK - anyone have any ideas? I feel a bit more urgency as I found a dead duckling inside the coop yesterday - not sure why it died but it was swarming with what looked like white mites. Could this be why it died or did were they just attracted to the duckling? It wasn't very old but had fully hatched as there was no sign of umbillicus or shell etc...
On the plus point - she kicked out a few eggs of which two hatched so I now have a beautiful grey duckling and gorgeous yellow one only hatched on Sunday - 2 more in the incubator have internally pipped today so fingers crossed...
Thank you so much for any replies!
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