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Poorly Leghorn

Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 08:29
by Chris Kurzfeld
I have a blue red Leghorn hen that is now about 5 years old, yesterday afternoon she was fine - fighting the others for corn and looked normal. Last night I found her huddled up, tail and head down, one eye shut and her breathing is rasping :( . Immediately gave her a Tylan injection and put her somewhere warm with food and water (with Tylan soluable in) - she is drinking but not eating. Back in January, when the weather was really bad, I had a small outbreak of Myco in the egg flock but after a course of Tylan soluable (and injections for 3 that looked the worst) - it cleared up. Have been giving Orego-Stim and Respite in their water alternately ever since, plus Poultry Spice in their food. I wormed them with Flubenvet a couple of weeks ago, and have done them all with Harkamectin, and during the hot spell I noticed a few dirty bums that I cleaned up but besides that they have all been fine. I don't hold out much hope for her, if she is no better after her second jab tomorrow then I think it would be kinder to cull her :( - it just goes to show how quick they can go from looking fine to being really sick :( . I have now put Tylan in the egg flock drinkers, just in case.