Coughing chicken

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Coughing chicken

Postby ricfinch » 03 Mar 2011, 12:10

We have 3 chickens in the garden all in good health with plenty of space to run around. However, one of the chickens has just started to cough. A single cough every 5 minutes are so, any suggestions as to what this might be, or advice as to how to proceed...? thanks Mike
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Re: Coughing chicken

Postby laffinfowl » 03 Mar 2011, 14:24

Hopefully just a case of something its ate going down the wrong way or getting stuck,i had one this morning doing a good impression of a dog every minute or two but after a drink it was fine,think it was a pumpkin seed that went down sideways.I would just keep an eye it does,nt develop any more symptoms,rattly breathing or discharge from nose ,eyes,try crushing a clove or two of garlic and popping in their drinking water and see how she gets on.
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Re: Coughing chicken

Postby DB08 » 03 Mar 2011, 20:53

Welcome Mike! Hopefully the cough has gone. [-o<

Another fan of garlic in the water here to prevent colds etc! :grin:
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