Ficam W & wasps

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Ficam W & wasps

Postby Henwife » 24 Jul 2015, 09:27

Normally I leave wasps to their nests so long as it doesn't inconvenience me. However, they used a rabbit burrow in a bank over a part excavated wheelpit which we are working in, so they had to go. Several visits with aerosol wasp foam had no effect so I bunged up the rabbit hole with builders expanding foam. It took them a couple of days to dig their way out & make a new entry. As I no longer need some out-of-date Ficam W, I checked whether that would work and realised that a 5lt mix meant backpack sprayer with long nozzle. After 2 consecutive night forays I think they're all dead. Unfortunately I shall have to get professional assistance for the honey bees in the chimney - yes, have checked with the local beekeepers and there's no other way to deal with them alas, and wax and honey = fire hazard. Oh the joys of rural life.
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Re: Ficam W & wasps

Postby kated » 24 Jul 2015, 12:02

Two years ago I luckily spotted a newly arrived swarm investigating our chimney, so lit a fire (in 22 deg C temps) which I kept going all day using lawn mowings for smoke. Felt really bad about it but the bees were finding there way down the lining and out into the living room. I must have chivvied out at least 100.
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Re: Ficam W & wasps

Postby drfish » 24 Jul 2015, 12:25

Thumbs up for Ficam-W.

I've actually bought some more despite having no poultry any more. Purely for ant extermination (which is a big issue where I live), and any other nasties that may come along. It also served as a good flea killer (and bed bugs) when we had a bit of an infestation with the Chihuahua (didn't spray on the dog, obviously, just blitzed the house with it). Although, that's since also turned out to be a food allergy that was causing his excessive scratching.
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