An area for discussion of problems with pests and predators. WARNING: People are discussing problems with predators, that includes things such as fox and bird of prey attack. Such posts may not be nice viewing, but are acceptable.

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Re: Foxes

Post by CP » 17 Dec 2012, 03:04

Wow, what an amazing recovery! Lucky girl! :grin:
Happy in Hampshire!

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Re: Foxes

Post by Bhindi » 17 Dec 2012, 11:04

yes , a heart warming story, so pleased she is back with you.
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Ellen Rose

Re: Foxes

Post by Ellen Rose » 20 Jan 2013, 02:00

Sorry to hear of your devastating loss

But, It was lovely to hear of your hens fight to recover, remarkable! She is your little green shoot!

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Re: Foxes

Post by Wildybeast » 05 Feb 2013, 00:18

I had another two " Problem Foxes " tonight !!!

Two less to cause you folks problems !!!

It's that time of the year when problems like this start to escalate. Lots of young on the way. I'm here to help if anyone local needs it ?


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Re: Foxes

Post by Kelly-salmon » 05 Feb 2013, 04:32

I had a fox sniffing around the other day however didn't stay very long when my two large dogs ( one being a Doberman the other a lab cross boxer) caught sight of it and considering my two dogs sleep in a kennel outside which we have now moved next to the chickens I doubt it will be back and if it does there the electric fence to contend with which my two dogs knows to avoid

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