HELP! Something killing my birds

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HELP! Something killing my birds

Post by Taboo71 » 15 Sep 2012, 19:11

Most of our birds free range but in the same area we keep our silkies in lage pens as they don't like to mix with the others. We've kept them like this for over 12 months now. However a couple of days ago we found one of our clockers had been killed :( , all around her neck was chewed away but nothing else was touched but all her eggs were taken too. Today in a different pen we found a cockerel had been killed in the same way, chewed around his neck and just left there. We suspect a stoat or weasel but is there anyway of keeping them away? They're fenced in with small hole chicken wire. Until we can sort something out we've brought them all home and put them in rabbit runs for the time being!

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Re: HELP! Something killing my birds

Post by son of eddy » 15 Sep 2012, 21:54

My guess is rats. They are partial to eggs as well.
Have a read here - ... r?--212568
This is of a little help as well though it covers predators we don't have in the wild here.
This posting on another forum desrcibes the very same method of killing. ... php?t=4836

The other possibility is mink but from what I've read they like to bite off heads and pile bodies up.


Re: HELP! Something killing my birds

Post by petejw76 » 16 Sep 2012, 11:59

it wont be rats as rats wont kill adult birds. stoat, weasel or polecat are most likely options. lost a couple of youngsters to a stoat or weasel the other week and after one visit hasnt been back.

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