Advice Re Dog Attacks

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Ilex Kent

Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by Ilex Kent » 16 Aug 2012, 08:41

Welcome and Hello :grin:
How sad , poor birds :(
I would look around and see how much young laying hens cost and then add a bit more for you distress .

yorkshire duck
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Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by yorkshire duck » 16 Aug 2012, 11:28

Don't start me off about dogs - or more to the point , their irresponsible owners ...
I'm a dog lover, have kept dogs all my life & would like to think that i am a responsible dog owner - I neuter them, worm them,vaccinate them & train them to behave when on & off the lead. They stay in my home & garden unless we take them out & are never left to wander.
When I lived on a farm the fields were crossed with public footpaths, there were signs telling people to keep their dogs on a lead but not many people took notice of this.
One day I had someone banging on my door in hysterics, saying that my mare ( who had a foal at foot ) had just killed their spaniel as they were traversing the footpath across my land. I was quite shocked, & didn't know how to react , they said the dog was on a lead & that the horse had just attacked it for no reason.
We started to go up the fields to retrieve the dogs body when my neighbour arrived with a gun ; he'd seen the dog harassing & chasing the mare & foal & the owners doing nothing to stop it ; he thought I wasn't in so he'd come over to shoot the dog.
The owners then admitted that the dog wasn't on a lead, & they thought it was 'playing' with the foal ; it'd run into a fence in its terror at being chased by the dog , & had sustained multiple cuts & knocks & was severely stressed , as was its mum, who had defended her baby by kicking the dog , fatally.
Chickens, ducks, geese, horses, dogs, cats & anything else that turns up on our doorstep won't be turned away.


Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by Bronte84 » 24 Aug 2012, 18:24

:( its very sad when dog owners don't take responsibility and control over their dogs. We have had numerous incidents with sheep and lambs and it's really not nice.


Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by Littlebag126 » 17 Sep 2012, 07:41

Hi, I have been unfortunate enough to witness a dog attacking my chickens. It had jumped over the wall from a footpath and onto my yard and proceeded to savage my flock. The owner was present and got the dog under control, but the damage had already been done. I was shocked and devastated and unfortunately didn't get the owners details before she left. Am I still able to report this incident to the police/dog warden with just a description of the animal and owner or do I need to find out who the person is first?


Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by Bronte84 » 17 Sep 2012, 09:52

Yes, I would still report. You can give a description of both dog and owner.


Re: Advice Re Dog Attacks

Post by foster » 12 Oct 2012, 19:04

Thanks for that post. I am a dog lover and have had one most of my life. But there comes a time when the dog needs to be restrained by the owner. If not then let the law prevail. I have no problems with that.

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