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What colour chicks?

Posted: 07 Jun 2011, 18:39
by Lindsay
This is a photo of my Araucana coq, Splash. (The mess on the floor is me having tipped out the remains of a tin of sweet corn so I could take the photo).
Can anyone tell me what the results would be if I crossed him with a) a black Araucana and b) a white Araucana?

Using the chicken colour calculator, the answers would be a) all blue and b) all white if the white is dominant, and all blue if the white is recessive.

But Googling images of splash coloured chickens, he doesn't seem to be the same - he has much more black in him than the ones I have found. I know he is technically a tri-colour - does that mean he doesn't really fit into the calculator?

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 17:04
by Hen-Gen
What colour is his front, Lindsay?

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 19:38
by Lindsay
Three not good photos - it is black with a lovely green sheen which didn't come out well, and I took one of him from behind as well.

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 21:45
by Hen-Gen
Thanks for that :grin: . What he is is a Silver Duckwing Araucana (not that I'm suggesting that you call him Duckie instead of Splash :lol: ). So if you go back to the calculator you should now be able to find out what would result from the different matings.
I breed Welsummers in this colour. Its actually a colour I like very much because the females are red breasted with grey/black backs and wings with silver hackles.
Not one of mine but you get the idea.

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 22:35
by Lindsay
That is a very beautiful bird there (I know it isn't one of yours, but even so :) )

Thanks for that information about his colour. Using the calculator -

SD x Black = All Black (by coincidence the best Rugby team in the world :-''' )

SD x White (Dominant) = All White

SD x White (Recessive) = All Black.

I also find that SD x SD = Black Patterned Silver Duckwing. I don't have a SD female (and no idea as to how I would find one in France). But I am considering some 'Hambourg Pailletés' which are, I believe, Spangled Hamburgs. Crossing him over one of them would give "black patterned silver incomplete spangled?" which might be interesting.

So would the only way to continue the colour be to try and source a SD female?

Also (picking your brains again!), I was searching on the internet for a coq that looked like him, and the nearest I found was one owned by someone in America. She mentioned that she was getting rid of him because he was so aggressive towards her hens. Splash (you're right - definitely not Ducky :lol: ) is also so aggressive - pulling feathers out - repeatedly treading unwilling hens etc - that he is now in a separate run for most of the day. Is this a characteristic of the colour, or just a coincidence?

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 23:00
by Hen-Gen
If you wanted to perpetuate his colour, which would be worth doing because they are rare, you could mate him to a Black and then mate him to his daughters from that mating. 50% of the chicks from the second mating would come Silver Duckwing.
Aggression in cockerels, whether to other chickens or to their owners, is largely random as far as I can see. In my life I've owned maybe 15-20 cockerels and only had two that were bad. One was a Hamburgh and one was his grandson from outcrosses to Minorcas. These attacked me with considerable ferocity but were complete gentlemen to their hens. Needless to say once they had become fathers then they had to be eaten!
Friends of mine have encountered bad ones in Marans, Light Sussex and RIRs.
Equally some breeds will co-exist with two males together and some will not tolerate another male. This year I had two Wyandottes that lived perfectly happily together with four hens. Yet Leghorns seem very fiesty and males fight from quite a young age.

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 08:11
by Lindsay
Thanks Hen-Gen :) So just a coincidence (the agression I mean).

I do have a pure black Araucana, so I might do what you suggest. However, she is the only one of the Araucanas who lays eggs with an olive hue. I was hoping not to have to breed from her as I really do want to continue my strain of just blue egg layers ... I'll have to consider this.

But, the whole thing is fascinating, isn't it? Like gardening, you have to be prepared to wait a long time for results, and I wonder how much of it is "Better to travel hopefully than to arrive"? I think I'll contact the seller I get my Araucanas from and see what stock he has for sale. Oh dear, I feel an attack of spending coming on :lol:

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 14:44
by Lindsay
Hen-Gen - another question ...

What would I get if I crossed Splash with this?
I can get some day-olds from her.

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 14:57
by Hen-Gen
The pullets would resemble Light Sussex in colouration (Silver Columbian) but would not be as precisely marked and may have a few gold patches on the shoulders.

Re: What colour chicks?

Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 16:47
by Lindsay
Thanks for that :)