Pullets not wanting to leave the coop!!

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Pullets not wanting to leave the coop!!

Post by Bluebubbles » 19 May 2016, 15:12

First let me say that I am very new to chicken keeping!

I have 3 pullets who arrived last Sunday, I was completely prepared for them to be nervous about leaving the coop to use the run for the first couple of days. However they seem to prefer the coop to going outside :| The feeder and water drinker are outside so they have to leave the coop to use them, apart from that they really don't seem interested. I am trying to tempt them outside to scratch - I have put a few treats down and hidden them under straw to encourage foraging, this worked for about 2 minutes!! ](*,) The thing is I can hear them scratching around in the coop so I don't think its out of boredom and they aren't nervous birds at all.. if anything they are the opposite. I am considering shutting them out of the coop for the rest of the afternoon to try and get them to learn that outside is fun and preferably where they should be during the day but am in 2 minds as it seems cruel.

Part of me is thinking that is they prefer it in there then leave them to it, however for welfare and trying to get them to use natural behaviour I would prefer it if they at least spent more than 2 minutes at a time in the run!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :grin:

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Re: Pullets not wanting to leave the coop!!

Post by MamaOwl » 19 May 2016, 16:28

Shut the pop hole?

Photos!!! Love photos of chooks!!
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