Start/Stop Laying

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Start/Stop Laying

Post by Bluebubbles » 28 Jun 2016, 16:48


I am afraid this is yet another newbie question!

Two of our three hens are now in lay, Claret came into lay about a month ago and has consistently laid 5 eggs a week whenever she has taken a break it has only been a day between lays. Over the last week however this pattern is changing, last week she laid one on Monday then had Tuesday off and we had one a day until Saturday. She hasn't laid since then and I am beginning to get concerned, I have checked her over and she seems perfectly healthy and very alert.

Is it normal for laying patterns to change or is it indicative of something else? They are fed on layers pellets that have extra oyster shell and grit mixed in, I try to give healthy treats with a good protein level (the exception being corn). Am I doing anything wrong? Its not the amount of eggs that bother me, I am just beginning to wonder if its a sign that she may be under the weather.

Thanks for your time and apologies if this seems slightly neurotic!


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Re: Start/Stop Laying

Post by CP » 29 Jun 2016, 02:19

It's not unusual for young birds to have laying anomalies. Along with small eggs, strange eggshells & different laying times, missing out on a few days is usually nothing to worry about.

All they need is contained within the layers pellets & special treats are not needed, but a lot of people give their girls something new & exciting on a daily or weekly basis & I don't think what you're feeding them has anything to do with it. However, everything in moderation! Fat hens do not lay well. ;)
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