Guinea fowl hatch

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Guinea fowl hatch

Postby Henwife » 19 Jun 2014, 07:14

I remember somebody describing newly hatched quail as bumble bees on speed. Well, guinea fowl are suicidal as well; open the hatcher and they pile out, falling from bench to hard floor, racing into inaccessable corners and just when you think youve rounded them all up, a series of loud cheeps assures you that you're wrong. 20 hatched, they are now contained in the brooder, still racing around but somehow managing to clear their food at a phenomenal rate. I only wanted another six, so just as well that all extras were booked before hatch. 30 from ebay, I cracked one unpacking them, 24 fertile, 5 infertile - so a good result since they cost less that £1 per egg including postage.
Guinea fowl & a lot of surplus poultry equipment.

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