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Re: Sablepoots

Post by *GEM01* » 18 Nov 2013, 22:06

Hen-Gen wrote:
*GEM01* wrote:I have just got some sablepoots of my own and wanted to show them off :-)

I know I have 2 porcelain but not 100% on the other colour. ]
I'm not so sure that those are porcelain, aka lavender millefleur. I'm more of a mind to think that your three birds are one Lemon Millefleur and two Blue Lemon Millefleur. I think this for two reasons. 1)The blue in the tail is quite dark. 2) Lavender does not allow gold pigment other than as a pale, straw colour.
Compare your birds to bootedbantams true porcelain bird pictured higher up this thread.
Ammended to show you this link.
Thank you so much for this information, the link is by far the most handy link to colours for sablepoots. I have found many with basic colours but not of the variations that are on there. It's good to know what colours my poots fall into at last :grin:
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