FAO anyone in the Shrewsbury / Shrops area :-)

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Would you be interested in an online Poultry Club for the Shrewsbury / Shropshire area?

Yes, it sounds like a good idea.
Yes and I've got suggestions!
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No, there's no need for a localised group.
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FAO anyone in the Shrewsbury / Shrops area :-)

Post by Fenn » 05 Mar 2007, 09:11

Clucky's on the case about getting a poultry auction back in Shrewsbury - it's about time, I reckon :D

In the meantime, would anyone be interested in an online Poultry Club for our area? I'm not even sure whether there's any need, it was just a thought. There's a lot of people round here that keep chooks - it would be nice to be in touch with each other, especially if AI takes hold and Defra come calling - strength in numbers, as it were.

We could have a database with lists suppliers, h/eggs available etc.

I'm used to running Yahoo groups so I'd be happy to set one up. Any ideas both for and against would be very useful :)


Post by Fenn » 05 Mar 2007, 09:13

Oh, and I'm including people from outside the area such as Rubychick in this :D I just thought I'd keep the name to a restricted area as there are some poultry clubs around the country (real-life ones as opposed to online tho) and I don't want to tread on toes :)

I MUST POINT OUT - I'm not suggesting anything that overlaps with PK, just a little forum where local peeps can swap info. I'd advertise it on Freecycle and stuff like that, so it wouldn't just be people from here.


Post by rubychik » 05 Mar 2007, 10:26

yes please! (as a potential fringe member! :wink: )


Post by Clucky » 05 Mar 2007, 18:51

If you're gonna be on the radio Fenn :wink: then get a mention in there too :)


Post by Fenn » 05 Mar 2007, 20:24

I've already shoehorned in the info about my chickens in the brief chat I had with the producer today :D

I'm not so green as cabbage-looking, me ;) :twisted:

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Post by Henwife » 05 Mar 2007, 23:25

OK Fenn, I've missed/lost the plot. Probably one of the times this machine decided that it needed to ask me to check I was connected to the internet and then cut off all communication.
Guinea fowl & a lot of surplus poultry equipment.


Post by Fenn » 06 Mar 2007, 11:30

Brief precis for Henny -

Clucky's on a one-woman mission to bully our local livestock market into holding poultry auctions.

Because there's a lot of poultry-keepers in Shrewsbury, I thought it might be nice to band together a bit. Not sure whether it's worth doing or not tho, as those of us who're really keen use PK anyway.



Post by ashley.crowther » 06 Mar 2007, 18:34

Sounds Int'restin'

Chicken Lady

Post by Chicken Lady » 12 Mar 2007, 00:21

Let me know when its up and running

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Post by mojo » 12 Mar 2007, 09:29

dont start a new site we want all of you to be HERE
Give a smile away every day to a stranger............and a hug to a friend


Post by rubychik » 12 Mar 2007, 10:14

mojo wrote:dont start a new site we want all of you to be HERE
I'm sure that would never happen, it's lovely to hear/speak to people wherever they are! :D


Post by Clucky » 12 Mar 2007, 13:44

Wot and miss my favourite PK fix. NEVER :D


Post by Fenn » 13 Mar 2007, 09:13


It's not meant to replace PK at all - it's just a base for local info - suppliers, breeders, etc.
I thought it would be good to have a connection to other poultry keepers in our area - strength in numbers an' all that :D

Berlimey no, it's not anything like PK, nor would that ever be intended! I looooooove PK, nothing's dragging me away from here!!! :twisted:

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Post by CP » 13 Mar 2007, 09:32

That's good to hear! :D

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