Pigs and Chickens in the same Shelter?

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Pigs and Chickens in the same Shelter?

Post by lifeflower » 27 Nov 2015, 10:12

I have kept pigs and chickens in the same paddock with success, but each one had its own shelter - the chickens have a portable chicken tractor and the pigs slept in a calf hutch (when they wanted to). But, when it came time to move them, I had to move each shelter separately. Being the lazy SOB that I am, I'm wondering if I can have one shelter for both - open to ground with deep straw bedding, pigs sleep on the bottom with roosts above for the chickens? tai nhac chuong
This would be true 'function stacking' with the shelter only needing to be a foot or 2 higher than the current ones are. I understood that Sepp does this, but from what I saw the buildings looked rather large with only a few pigs and chickens in them (at least when I was there), and I am thinking a full house of chickens on perches at night. Has anyone had success with this?
- Will pigs get covered in chicken manure?
- As deep bedding accumulates chicken manure, will pigs refuse to sleep in it? (may be a function of how long they stay in one spot)
- It would be more difficult to secure the chickens at night, would the pigs keep predators - raccoon, foxes, etc away, just by their presence?
- I would lose the ability to have the chickens follow behind pigs, but I don't know if it is that critical.
- Good ventilation would be important
- Would pigs be annoyed if I kept a light on a few hours a night for the chickens?

I would appreciate some insight.

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Re: Pigs and Chickens in the same Shelter?

Post by Henwife » 27 Nov 2015, 16:07

Chicken are very dozy at night so if the pigs decided not to sleep in, the birds would be easy prey for predators. There's no reason per se why they shouldn't share a shelter although I would be inclined to put a droppings board beneath the perches - chicken shit can burn and pigs have surprisingly delicate skin (unless you've got a good hairy breed). The other thing to remember is that pigs are clean animals and may object strongly to chicken shit in their sleeping quarters. Of course, you could try house training the poultry..........
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Re: Pigs and Chickens in the same Shelter?

Post by drfish » 27 Nov 2015, 18:06

The makings of a lovely sandwich right there!
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