utility strains araucanas, faverolles AND indian runners

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utility strains araucanas, faverolles AND indian runners

Post by perutnina » 11 Jun 2012, 12:45


I keep chicken mainly for eggs and keep some utility strains (ISA Brown, Barnevelders) egg layers. However, I would like to add Araucana and Faverolles to my breeds but I can't seem to find good utility strains (with araucana I want BLUE egg, not washed out colors) - I know about kintaline farms but have read on their pages that they stopped breeding chicken (in 2010) :(

I am also looking to start with some egg-laying duck and I am looking for utility strains Indian runners.

I would preferably like hatching eggs or day old chicks (ducklings) but at this point I would also consider older animals of good (utility breeding), provided they are used to some handling...

Does anyone know where I could get HE of good utility strains ANYWHERE IN EU or UK?

Thank you!

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