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Dutch Bantam Cockerel
Dutch Bantam Cockerel
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Members' map

Post by jaydee67 » 04 Nov 2008, 18:32

If you click on this link it will take you to a map of members, please add yourself! *HINT* Zoom in well first or you may find yourself miles off!

Members' Map


Post by G3LHQ » 10 Nov 2008, 00:22

I am all alone in North Yorkshire The nearest member is just north of
Morcambe Bay :-(
About 50 secs...very good Very Happy
NannyP's Hens
I don't know what NannyP is doing in mid Atlantic maybe hired
a french fishing boat? :-)
Cheers Bob

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Tia Maria
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Post by Tia Maria » 13 Nov 2008, 10:45

Hello Ducki and Czech Chick You live in my area :lol:
A mixed LF flock of 2 Lavender Araucanas, 3 Barnevelders (1 double laced and 2 blue), 1 Blackrock, 3 Cuckoo Marans, 1, 1 White Star, 2 Silver Campine, 1 Blue Marans, 1 Black Copper Marans & 1 Marans x Araucana (lays green eggs).

And 4 dogs, 4 ferrets and 1 Harris Hawk


Post by Blackrock » 13 Nov 2008, 13:04

Kathy's got the chooks on her boat :lol:

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Post by stuartc » 13 Nov 2008, 13:18

G3LHQ wrote:I am all alone in North Yorkshire The nearest member is just north of
Morcambe Bay :-(
Don't worry sweetie. I've just added myself nr Helmsley!

A mix of brahma, sussex, maran, orpington, sasso and cross-breeds thereof.


Post by selina » 15 Nov 2008, 15:11

hi i live in derbyshire near alfreton so am not a million miels away from you


Post by robgodfrey » 27 Nov 2008, 09:14

Tried this today 3 times but got this message:
"Application error - Rails application failed to start properly"


Post by witsinfr » 27 Nov 2008, 11:25

Same error here.

It'll be a problem with the site, rather that yourself, will probably be back in a while, suggest trying again in a day or so.

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Post by NannyP » 27 Nov 2008, 13:37

My chickens love the sea :D

I think I managed to place my self a little nearer where I live on the 2nd attempt.


Post by MamaOwl » 21 Dec 2008, 15:02

Added myself too :)


Re: Members' map

Post by LauraMH » 11 Jan 2009, 22:47

I'm in Middleton, Manchester. Near Rochdale (actually under Rochdale Borough)

le gallois

Re: Members' map

Post by le gallois » 12 Jan 2009, 15:03

Hi Vanessa.
I see you live just a few km from me.

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Re: Members' map

Post by SkyChild » 20 Mar 2009, 12:02

Who's fragel? You live just down the road from me! :o


Re: Members' map

Post by Ardtrea » 31 Mar 2009, 22:20

looks like im the only one from N Ireland.


Re: Members' map

Post by acerxz » 03 Apr 2009, 12:48

i never thought there is only one man in a island. (thats include me) :lol:

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