*New Theory* Establishing the Pecking Order

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Post by Sparklepeeps » 10 Oct 2007, 20:21

Well! 'Operation Day Trip' didnt work quite as well as I had planned! :lol:

Operation Day Trip commenced at 17:45. The two originals were placed in separate boxes, closely followed by one newbie per box. Then popped in the car and off for a half an hour spin around the cheshire countryside, stopped at Tesco express to buy them a cabbage as a treat for when they got back.

Whenever I peeped in the boxes, both pairs were as suspected, calm, sat side by side, heads at the same end, and not an altercation between them! Bliss.

When safely back in the run they leisurely took themselves out of their boxes and for 5 minutes I really thought The great master plan had worked. And to a degree it has a litte. The two battery hen are definately more tolerent. BUT! maybe I miss judged the pecking order, or just maybe Summayah was correct, because Dotty the large Fowl Maran (previously bottom of pecking order) really started laying in to them... which caught the battery hens attention and they had a little go at them again! It seems that the Maran is now the worst culprit. I can feel a second day trip coming on!

If I only had a few hens I think this plan may just dampen down the nastiness, but it certainly doesnt work if they are split up for their joy rides!

Back to the drawing board.

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Post by chocolatedog » 14 Oct 2007, 17:45

Mine seem to have one pecking order inside the run, and another outside - for example, the youngest is the bottom of the order in the run, but outside I've seen her take a few hefty pecks at the others which she wouldn't dare do inside......and she puffs herself up and stands up to them outside too, whereas inside, she's definitely more wary....


Post by Sparklepeeps » 14 Oct 2007, 17:55

Oh good! I will be ordering the electric fence this week, so soon I can play out plan B!

I will pop the new girls in the new free range area within the electric netting (with one of those plastic cat litter trays for make shift shelter) and leave them to find their feet during the day. Once they seem comfortable I will introduce the 'originals' in to thier territory!!!

Oh, this chicken politics is very stressful!

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