Black is Beautiful

If you keep other animals for productive purposes, whether for meat, wool or bi-products, here's the area to chat. I mean, you do realise chickens are the gateway drug to other animals, don't you?

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Re: Black is Beautiful

Post by MamaOwl » 19 Apr 2014, 16:59

I have land envy.. and Lamb envy... you are all so lucky to have enough room for all your desires... come on Lotto!!!
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Re: Black is Beautiful

Post by Lindsay » 20 Apr 2014, 08:29

MrsMopp wrote: She had never seen a black sheep until she visited my parents who live in Hampshire.
O/T, but my older kids who grew up in New Zealand were the same with swans. Only black ones over there - they were so surprised the first time they saw a British white swan.

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Re: Black is Beautiful

Post by Hen-Gen » 27 Apr 2014, 16:04

So a year on. Got nine lambs from five ewes last year and kept four of the six gimmers (the two other gimmers went to a neighbour for 'road testing'). The two castrates are growing on for my freezer come November and one ram lamb I left entire for future breeding. So no lambs this year as I'm growing on my females who will go to the ram this December. So here's my females:-Image
And here's my ram as a baby (with his mother). At a year old he as excellent conformation and an evil temper. :evil: (Summer, 2015 he'll be featuring as mutton chops! :grin: )Image
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