Free ranging..... Well sort of ....

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organic chick
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Free ranging..... Well sort of ....

Post by organic chick » 19 Mar 2014, 10:22

Our hens have an absolutely huge WIR plus a smaller one connecting to their coop. We are not allowed to free range them as part of our allotment licence on the estate where we live, so we have come up with a good compromise. We purchased a collapsible pen which we move around the raised beds on our organic allotment. Late afternoons we move several of the girls down to it where they spend a couple of hours gardening for us. Saves us digging, they get rid of the bugs and have a whale of a time into the bargain. They absolutely love it and are used to the routine now and there is great anticipation and almost a queue to be taken down there. Their next job is to clear an area for us prior to making a wildflower meadow. They are working girls after all!!

We actually had one 'escape' yesterday and she calmly went back up the hill to the main run and waited to be let back in!!

Great fun.
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Re: Free ranging..... Well sort of ....

Post by jillychick » 19 Mar 2014, 11:23

Sounds like great fun. we have the same rules on our allotment but hey the hens can't read the rules can they :grin:
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