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Glut !

Posted: 05 Aug 2011, 14:23
by frank the troll
I have a glut of courgettes and turnips, whats the best way to store these?

Re: Glut !

Posted: 05 Aug 2011, 20:46
by Captain Carrot
you may find this helpful ... grown.html

I've heard that a good way to store root vegtables is burried in sand, inside a wooden box in a shed or garage.

No idea about the courgettes, maybe pickled or cooked and then frozen.

I like to make a pasta sauce with them. i chop them up fairly small and throw them in a frying pan with plenty of garlic, salt and pepper. I cook them on a medium heat so they expel all the water and turn soft, but not browned.
Then when they've turned to a courgette mush, I add a handful of grated parmesan and a glug of cream.

Re: Glut !

Posted: 06 Aug 2011, 16:47
by frank the troll
Hi, thanks
Think I will have to pickle the courgettes, growing 1 or 2 on for marrow brandy, Toms a bit lacking this year, not really enough to combine for a pasta, unlike last year, thats lasted until now.

Have a big box in the garage, so looks like sand and sawdust then for the turnips, and swedes when ready

Re: Glut !

Posted: 12 Sep 2011, 11:02
by frank the troll
I now have gallons of marrow brandy, smells very potent, but will have to leave it for approx a year, Oh and jars of pickle that have turned out very tasty.

Re: Glut !

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 17:04
by organic chick
A tad late for this perhaps, but I made courgette jam last year. I shredded I the courgettes with a large Coarse grater. Called it Summer Marmalade and it went down a treat!!