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Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 11 Oct 2010, 08:55
by CP
Post your slow cooker recipes here. ;)

Re: Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 12 Oct 2010, 09:12
by krystal
Thank you cp i love my slow cooker, can i have some different ideas please guys :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Re: Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 13 Oct 2010, 03:09
Havent got a slow cooker myself, but maybe put your recipes up so others can have a look

Re: Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 12:32
by mojo
chicken .........cut to fit and add 2 chicken cubes to enough cider to 3/4 fill SC add ONE clove plus a heaped teaspoon of hungarian paprika(the milder one) add you favorite veg to suit.......add salt and pepper to taste AFTER cooking.........super with rabbit too if you like it

Re: Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 06 Jul 2011, 11:13
by drfish
Silverside/Topside joint.

Firstly, and this is purely down to personal preference, seal the meat in whatever method best suits. I tend to use a little rubbed in olive oil, very high heat frying pan, and give it about a minute on each outer surface.
Once done, remove and allow the meat to rest for ten minutes at room temp.
Prepare your herbs and spices as per taste, I tend to use fresh rosemary, steakhouse mixed pepper, garlic, fresh chopped red onions and a little smoked paprika.
Put the joint into the slow cooker and set to low heat setting.
Add water to about 1/4 way up the joint.
Find something to do for the foreseeable future.

I find a 1kg joint takes around 4-5 hours, depending on taste. I like to do my joint medium-rare, so I generally go for the 4 hour mark as a guide. If you are in a hurry, switch the slow cooker to high and it's ready in about 2.5 hours for medium rare. Most importantly though, be sure to let the meat rest under foil at least 15 minutes before carving.

Makes a deliciously juicy and soft joint, far better than any oven cooked joint I've had, with the exception of the old range cooker we had at the pub, which could cook by pilot light at around 70c. Used to cook the joint overnight and it took around 8 hours per kilo.

Re: Slow Cooker recipes.

Posted: 06 Jul 2011, 11:20
by drfish
Corned Beef Stew

Nice tasty stew for the winter months, very easy and cheap to make about 5 litres.

2 tins of corned beef
Oxo/Bisto beef stock
Veg to taste, generally go with Peas, Sweetcorn, Carrots, Diced potatoes and onion.
Water to cover ingredients
Herbs & Spices to taste

Par boil the potato to soften it a little. Then, basically, chop everything to size, bang it all in the slow cooker, cover with lightly salted water and leave to go for around 6 hours on low. For the last 20 minutes, add the stock to the water and gravy granules to thicken. And if it really takes your fancy, throw some dumplings in. I can't stand them, and the missus is wheat intolerant, so we tend not to.

For an extra kick in winter, pop a few fresh chillies or Jalapenos in.

Slow Cooker recipes

Posted: 10 Oct 2018, 00:24
by Michaelnub
Hey all I picked up a slow cooker a few weeks ago and really want to use it but I don't have any recipes. I was wondering if u guys can share some of your favorites? Thanks