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PostPosted: 14 May 2017, 10:53
by Hen-Gen
Well, I've returned :grin:
Come on you lot, join me, the waters lovely!

Re: Newcomers!

PostPosted: 14 May 2017, 13:12
by kated
Hi Hen-Gen - good to "see" you :grin: Not keeping chickens now but daughter has lots as well as ducks and geese. (And Shetland cattle and sheep).

Re: Newcomers!

PostPosted: 14 May 2017, 13:21
by CP
I've never been away....! ;)

Welcome back. :grin:

Re: Newcomers!

PostPosted: 15 May 2017, 14:39
by Ian.A.G.
Another returnee and refugee from PP. I live in Stockport, Cheshire, and keep chickens, geese and pygmy goats. Ian

Re: Newcomers!

PostPosted: 16 May 2017, 10:31
by CP
Welcome Ian.A.G. :)

Re: Newcomers!

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2017, 17:36
by MamaOwl
Hello lovely people!!!!

I've had so much to deal with over the last 2 years it's been manic!

I think (hope) that this week is actually an end to all of the stress and that next week will begin a new life ..... Bloody Summer is over though!! Who authorised THAT!???

New house, no hens yet so will now concentrate on building an amazing chookery for some in the Spring...

Child number three (of five) has left us for Uni in Norwich (sob sob sob) so it's just child 2,4 and 5 left, 3 cats, 3 winnie gigs, 1 rabbit and a garden bursting with tomato plants as I went a bit crazy planting them... some other food plants too but my word the tomatoes!!! So much ketchup being made lol

Love Mama Owl