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by carachick
24 Jun 2015, 01:01
Forum: Recommended Books
Topic: One hundred ways for a chicken to train it's human
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Re: One hundred ways for a chicken to train it's human

It is physically quite a small book but certainly amusing. Here is one of the pieces of advice it gives to chickens "Free range means you have the right to roam. However you choose to do it, escape on a regular basis and refuse to return until you are ready."
by carachick
28 May 2015, 18:42
Forum: Feeding and Housing
Topic: Layers sample bags?
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Re: Layers sample bags?

Some independent pet stores and market traders will weigh out various animal feeds - those kinds of places are probably your best bet (and they may be able to get some samples from their suppliers if you ask). Also manufacturers websites will sometimes offer coupons and ocassional offers if you sign...
by carachick
01 May 2015, 00:11
Forum: General & Misc
Topic: Straw vs hay vs Sawdust
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Re: Straw vs hay vs Sawdust

I have Orpingtons. I started with two pullets (it was supposed to be three but one turned out to be a rooster) one started laying at six months old and the other at 9 months old. Not necessarily a bad thing - my later layer has proved to be the best over the years.